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Pure Power Mouthguard™

Edmonton, Alberta

In about 90% of the population, the lower jaw is not in its best, most comfortable position, causing pain and muscle tension in the jaw. A new sport mouth guard has been created based on the science of neuromuscular dentistry called the Pure Power Mouthguard™ (PPM). This mouth guard was developed as a dental aid to athletes who want to achieve their best. The PPM is designed to fit your upper teeth.

When your jaw is in its best position, the muscles surrounding the area are no longer stressed, giving you a comfortable bite, improved balance, flexibility, and increased upper body strength. The PPM™ helps to return your muscles to this optimal position. And it can help you reach the athletic peak you’ve been striving for.

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What sets this mouth guard apart from others besides its neuromuscular dental applications is that it wasn’t developed for one kind of athlete in mind. The PPM™ is worn on the upper teeth for protection as much as balance in contact sports. In addition to athletes who traditionally wear mouth guards, such as football, hockey, and soccer players, baseball players, marathoners, swimmers, cyclists, and strength trainers have all found that using PPM™ vastly increases their strength, balance, and agility.

PPM™ Science
Neuromuscular dentistry looks at the way the jaw, teeth, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) work together through their position in the mouth. When there is a problem with this alignment, symptoms such as headaches, pain in the neck and shoulders, jaw pain, clicking or popping of the jaw, and ringing in the ears can occur.

When the lower jaw is misaligned, strain is put on the muscles of the face and TMJ. Also negatively affected are the neck and shoulder muscles. This in turn affects your posture and saps energy from your body that you need to perform at your athletic peak. When your jaw is aligned the way it should be, your muscles and your spine are relaxed. This improves upper body strength, flexibility and balance.

Dr. Alex Pavlenko is a general practitioner dentist who is also PPM™ certified. Able to determine your best possible jaw position through a computerized jaw tracking system and TENS machine. The TENS machine is used to help relax your muscles and put them in their most comfortable position.

During your evaluation Dr. Pavlenko will take impressions of your lower and upper teeth, and your optimal bite will be recorded during your first appointment. Your PPM™ will take about a week to be made in a lab, and during your second visit, you will be fitted with your brand new custom made mouth guard.

If you would like to learn more about the Pure Power Mouthguard™ and whether it can work for you, please contact Dr. Alex Pavlenko, serving cosmetic dentistry patients in the Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas, today to schedule your initial consultation