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Cosmetic and TMJ Dentistry

Serving Edmonton, Alberta

Alex Pavlenko, D.D.S.
You've heard about cosmetic dentistry on TV. It is a great way to improve your smile and enhance your confidence. Many dentists say they offer cosmetic dentistry, but not all cosmetic dentists are the same. If you're looking for a cosmetic dentist in Edmonton, Alberta, make sure you choose a dentist with advanced cosmetic dentistry training from LVI. You deserve an LVI Smile!

We offer the full range of cosmetic dentistry services including:

We also offer affordable financing options, so having a beautiful, confident smile is easier and more affordable than ever before!

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Testimonial -

I started everyday with a sore upper jaw, neck and shoulder pain, buzzing in my ears, eye pain and a deadly headache. After forty years of living with daily pain, I looked for help.  I received a neuromuscular appliance and it has given me a new outlook on
- Bill H.

We are committed to ongoing Education and Training of workplace Drug Awareness with Medical, Health and Education Ltd.